Recap of the 2024 USPS National Postal Forum

Post Boxes

In June 2024, Postal Realty Trust attended the USPS National Postal Forum, along with several thousand other firms engaged in services that interact with the Postal Service. Postmaster General Louis Dejoy, most of his senior officers, and many other high-level managers from the Postal Service provided a variety of presentations on the “state of the USPS” as it continues along its path to implementing the “Delivering for America” 10-year plan.

National media stories and Congressional committees responsible for oversight of the USPS voiced concerns that the Postal Service is not achieving the improved service standards or realizing financial benefits from their initial activation of several Regional Processing & Distribution Centers (RPDCs). In May 2024, the Postal Service announced they would pause some RPDC activations until next year. The Postal Service announced to Congress and to the NPF attendees that they are still focused on achieving the initial goals of the 10-year plan. As such, they pointed out that implementation of the Sorting and Delivery Center (S&DC) program would continue despite other parts of the plan being postponed. By the end of 2024, the Postal Service hopes to have approximately 100 S&DCs operational with another 150-200 going live in the next couple of years.

Postal Realty Trust stays in touch with USPS officials, members of Congress and other stakeholders to stay current on the status of the 10-year plan and other programs that affect the landlord community, which owns properties leased to the Postal Service.