A strategy for consistent growth

The large and highly fragmented market of postal properties presents a tremendous opportunity for consolidation. Even as the nation’s largest owner of properties leased by the USPS, Postal Realty Trust represents only approximately 6 percent of the total market. Further, the USPS always pays its rent on time and rarely moves from its mission-critical logistics facilities. We believe the size of our target market coupled with our reliable, government-backed tenant provides a strong foundation for delivering long-term value to our investors.

Our decades of experience, scale, ready access to capital, ample liquidity and ability to offer OP units make Postal Realty Trust the partner of choice for postal owners. Our seasoned acquisitions team maintains a robust and active pipeline of individual postal properties and portfolios across the logistics continuum.

The Importance of the USPS To America’s Logistic Network

As e-commerce has grown, the USPS’s unparalleled shipping and package services have proven to be vital across the logistics spectrum, including an unmatched ability to handle last mile deliveries. USPS delivers to over 165 million unique points every day (except Sunday), and its approximately 35,000 facilities representing the largest retail and distribution network in the nation. No other organization can replicate the USPS’s distribution capabilities, making its logistics network critical to the customers, the rapidly growing e-commerce industry and America.

By strategically acquiring individual properties and portfolios throughout the USPS logistics continuum, we are able to maintain a curated portfolio of assets well diversified by property type and location.

Property Continuum

High-Quality Assets.
Diversified By Type And Location.

Less than 2,500 net leasable interior sq. ft.
2,500 to 50,000 net leasable interior sq. ft.
More than 50,000 net leasable interior sq. ft.

Competitive Advantages

We are the largest owner of postal properties and are poised for growth. Our team has deep institutional knowledge and decades of experience acquiring and managing properties.

Size and breadth of our portfolio enable economies of scale and strong relationships with vendors

Ready access to capital allows us to make compelling purchase offers

Ability to issue OP units to postal property sellers looking for tax-efficient liquidity

Long track record of efficiently sourcing accretive acquisitions and expedited closings

“The USPS logistics network is vital to America’s infrastructure, and demand for last-mile deliveries is on the rise. As the largest and most experienced owner of postal real estate, we have the scale and institutional knowledge to continue to opportunistically grow and deliver long-term value to our shareholders.”

Andrew Spodek, Chief Executive Officer